Domestic Abuse & Substance Misuse

alcoholThe Facts:

Women experiencing domestic violence are up to 15 times more likely to misuse alcohol and 9 times more likely to misuse other drugs than women generally.

Some women are introduced to substances by their abusive partners as a way of increasing control over them. When a women’s partner is also her supplier, it will be particularly difficult for her to end the relationship.

When a woman seeks support, information or treatment for her substance misuse, her partner may become even more abusive or may actively prevent or discourage her attendance at a substance misuse service.

Women whose partners misuse substances may minimise or excuse their violence on those grounds; it is important to emphasise that even if substance use ceases, the violence and abuse usually continues.

Women with problematic substance use who also experience domestic violence are particularly likely to feel isolated and doubly stigmatised. They may find it harder than other women to report or even to name their experience as domestic violence and when they do, they are in a particularly vulnerable position and may be unable to access any suitable sources of support.

Women with problematic substance use who experience domestic violence deserve and need support from domestic violence as much as any other woman.

How We Can Help

Staff at Inverness Women’s Aid have a very good understanding and a lot of experience in these issues. They can provide a confidential safe and non-judgemental space for you to discuss your circumstances and problems and help you try and build a better life.

  • We will not blame you
  • We can help support you and your children
  • We will not make you do anything against your wishes
  • We can help you to find solutions
  • We can signpost you to other services that can help and understand
  • We can offer to support you to various meetings, access benefits, access housing, career planning, access to treatment and harm reduction services

All of our staff are fully dedicated to providing you with the best possible support and care package for your needs.