Domestic Abuse and the Law

Any abuse is a criminal offence which can be reported to the police and which should be prosecuted. However, at Inverness Women’s Aid we understand that reporting abuse to the police can be a very difficult decision.

hThe reasons may be fear of retaliation, feelings of guilt or loyalty towards the abusive partner, or practical issues such as him being the only breadwinner.

However, once a woman decides to report the abuse, our workers can support her through the legal process, beginning with giving the statement to the police through to providing support in court.

Apart from the criminal law, there are also many aspects of the civil law that may apply to domestic abuse situations. Those include the family law with issues around child custody and contact or issues related to the woman’s safety where court orders such as an interdict or an exclusion order can be sought. Your IWA support worker will advise you who to contact to get professional legal advice as well as supporting you to meetings.