Children and Young People

dreamstime_m_19167820girlHello. You are probably looking at our website because you are frightened about what’s happening in your family just now, or you just need a little more information about domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse usually happens between adults who live together at home or are in a relationship with each other. It is when one adult bullies another, usually it is the man that bullies the women. He may hurt her feelings, hit her or make her scared. It is not always the men who hurt the women, there can be bullying between two men or two women, sometimes other family members take part in the bullying and violence. Domestic violence can happen in any place and at any time but usually happens at home. For you to witness and hear this is very frightening for you.

Domestic Abuse can be:

  • Physical – for example, hitting, pushing, kicking
  • Emotional – sayings things to frighten the other person or make them feel bad
  • Sexual – making someone do sexual things that they don’t want to
  • Financial – such as taking away the other person’s money, or not letting them get a job

Domestic abuse in your family can make you feel:
Afraid, sad and worried, confused, angry, tired, lonely and not cared for – even left out.

You may also find it hard to sleep, have trouble doing your school work, or getting into trouble a lot at home or at school.

Remember, it is not your fault and you have a right to be and feel safe.
For confidential advice and support from someone you can trust ring 01463 220719.
If you are at risk or going to get hurt then we will need to inform the Police or Social Work.

Here is some advice from other children:dreamstime_m_19067112boy

“Tell someone you trust, they will be able to help”. Girl, 9
“Talk to your mum, it’s not her fault”. Boy, 11
“Don’t get involved, it’s horrible but stay out the way”. Boy,13