Our Values and Objectives

hUsing our services, we guarantee the following values and objectives will be upheld:

You do not need to live at the refuge to receive advice and support.

Full confidentiality will be guaranteed unless a specific legal requirement has to be met.Our aim is to help you to help yourself. If you want to talk, we will listen.

You will be treated with dignity.

Support is offered to all women, children and young people.

Cultural, social, religious and sexual orientation will be respected.

You will be provided with information on choices that are available to you.

You will be supported to exercise these choices.

In refuge you will be safe, secure and free from abuse.

You can leave the service at any time without consequence.

Your personal information is stored securely, access is available on request and copies of all documentation provided as soon as it is practical.

You will be able to make comments, compliments and complaints about the service you receive.

You will have access to independent advocacy and advice should you request it.

You can take part in the SCSWIS Inspections of the service.